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Set up Sage HR Online Services - Manage your employees

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When you set up Sage HR Online Services, in your Online Services Settings you can manage your employee details, including crucially their email address which is what they use to log in and view their payslips.


Before you start

Before you do the steps, we recommend you check you have entered the correct email address on the Analysis tab on your employee records in Sage 50cloud Payroll.

Manage your employees


  1. Log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, click Company.
  2. In the Task menu, click Online Services Settings.
  3. Next to Step 4 of Online Services Settings, click Do it now.


  4. Select the check box for each employee you want to receive online payslips.
    • If you haven't entered an email address in an employee's record, you can enter it now.

       CAUTION: Don't give an employee the email used to setup Sage HR Online Services (i.e. the email used in Step 1 of Online Services Settings) - all employees must have their own unique email.

  5. Click Save.

Employees only receive a welcome email once you upload their payslips or historical payslips. To activate their online account they must create a Sage account so they can use the web link in their welcome email to log in and view their payslips in Sage HR Online Services. 

 NOTE: The welcome email expires after 24 hours and so it may be necessary to resend a welcome email to an employee, if they don't set up access to Sage HR Online Services within that time.

Next steps

Continue to visit your Online Services.


Benefits for your employees
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