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Remote Data Access improvements in Sage 50cloud Accounts v28

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This guide explains how we've improved the Remote Data Access feature in Sage 50cloud Accounts v28.


With Remote Data Access you can process on your live data from anywhere with an Internet connection and in Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 we've made this even easier.

No more main and remote sites

In earlier versions, Remote Data Access had a main site, where the data was uploaded, and remote sites which accessed the data. In the latest version we've simplified this by removing the concept of main and remote sites. This means:  

  • All features can now be used at any site using Remote Data Access. So you don't need to travel to the office to perform certain tasks.
  • You can set up online services such as Bank feeds, Direct Debits, Invoice Payments and Microsoft 365 integration from any site.
  • It's easier to replace computers without disruption to other users.

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Improved upgrades

We've also made changes to simplify the upgrade process. If you're currently using Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.2, you can now upgrade computers to the latest version in any order and convert your data at any site. So you have the flexibility to upgrade sites in the order that suits you.

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