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Sage Accounts Production Advanced 2021 - What's new

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This guide explains the new features and developments in Sage Account Production Advanced (SAPA) 2021.


FRC 2021 taxonomy suite added into Sage Assisted Tagging (SAT) 

The FRC 2021 accounts and DPL taxonomies have been added to SAT and newly generated accounts will use these by default. You may update existing accounts prepared using earlier taxonomies to use these new taxonomies.

Both HMRC and Companies House accept these taxonomies in the UK for accounts prepared in accordance with FRS 102 or FRS 105. 

FRC 2014 taxonomy suite SWITCH OFF

From 23rd August 2021, Companies House and HMRC have stopped accepting accounts prepared on the FRC 2014 Taxonomy. If any of your clients are using a version pre-dating 01/04/2019, these will be rejected. To avoid this, please update your clients to the latest version.

Staff costs note

Output rules updated to allow the note to output when there are no expenses posted, but employee numbers are included. The note will now be output by adding staff numbers under  Disclosure Data.  

Self-Assessment Schedules

Updated reports for 2020/21 for Part99 clients.

Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 - Full transaction import

The new version of SAPA includes the required files to allow full transaction import from Sage 50cloud Accounts v28 when it is released.

For information about downloading the latest version of SAPA, please refer to the following guide >