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Communication: Sage 200 Standard 2021 R2 Launches Today!

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This communication was issued to our Sage 200 Business Partner and Developer community.


This communication was sent 27 July 2021.

Sage 200 Standard 2021 R2 Launches Today!

Notice 21-CL | 27 July 2021

Hi everyone,

We are delighted to announce the release of Sage 200 Standard & Education 2021 R2.

We would also like to remind everyone about the simplification of the product name to simply Sage 200 – removing any references to ‘cloud’ or ‘c'. Please read the Naming Convention Guide for further information.

What's New in Sage 200 Standard & Education 2021 R2?

  1. Sage 200 Standard & Education 2021 R2 was deployed yesterday evening. This release sees a continuation of the delivery of new web screens, including:

    Web Screens for Cashbook:

    • Interbank Transfer
    • Bank Account List

    Web Screens for Nominal Ledger:

    • Nominal Transaction Enquiry

    Web Screens for Maintenance:

    • Warehouse List

    These forms will be released alongside the existing web forms for Sage 200 Standard & Education customers, providing greater flexibility for customers looking to modernise their processes and improve efficiency and productivity.

  2. With the launch of the web forms for both Sage 200 variants, we have expanded our API offering, providing partners with greater scope to customise a customers’ environment and for third party developers to enhance their application offerings. To find out more, please visit our API Helpfiles.


  3. In addition, we have continued to update the Sage Migration tool to offer customers the ability to move between Sage 50cloud and Sage 200 variants with ease, to ensure customers are using the best Sage solution for their business. To find out more about the migration routes to Sage 200 – click here.

Useful links

For more information on the new features, value messaging, technical delivery etc., then check out our new release resources.

Sage 200 Release Resources:

Please note, this is just a selection of the resources available - please refer to the Sage Partner Hub, live page on Sage City, and the Sage Knowledgebase for all available resources.


Post launch, please encourage customers to join in with the 'Have Your Say' initiative, so we can continue to improve Sage 200 - find out more here.


Please speak to your Partner Account Manager or contact [email protected] in the first instance.

Kind regards,

Jo KirkupProduct Manager, Sage 200

Anita HolleyProducts Marketing Manager, Sage 200