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Sage Taxation 2021- R2 - What's new?

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This guide outlines the improvements in Sage Taxation 2021 R2 and links to the download so you can get up and running quickly.


It's essential that you keep your software up to date by installing all available updates, this ensures that you can continue to access your data and benefit from the latest security updates.


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Outlined below are the new features introduced in Sage Taxation 2021 R2, version

Posting from Sage Business Tax

We’ve adjusted the way we post details between tax modules.

Re-posting Personal Tax data will no longer overwrite existing entries unaffected by amendments.

We'll also flag areas affected by new postings with a red cross for review. This includes:

  • Sage Business Tax to Sage Personal Tax
  • Sage Partnership Tax to Sage Personal Tax
New Allocation of Allowances and Deductions appendix The latest version of HMRC's 2020-21 tax calculations for individuals and trusts have been included.

We’ve amended the Tax Calculation Appendices to include details of how allowances and deductions have been allocated against the various income types.

HMRC Exclusions and Special Cases

We've updated our validation processes and information about Special Cases and Exclusions for 2021 in line with the latest HMRC advice.

COVID-19 Advice

We’ve updated our COVID-19 guidance banners which link to a new extensive COVID-19 data entry guide.

Open the Reporting COVID-19 support payments to HMRC guide >

Lump sum and compensation payments We've added new boxes within Employment and Lump sum and compensation payments for taxable and non-taxable post-employment notice pay.

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