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What licence considerations should be made for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) when connecting to the Virtual Machines for Sage 200 Professional, deployed via Sage Provisioning Portal?

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The following applies to Sage 200 Professional deployed onto Microsoft Azure through the Sage Partner Cloud program in the UK and Ireland.


  • Sage Partners are classed as internal organisation users.
  • Sage Customers are classed as external organisation users.
  • The Azure tenant should be purchased through a CSP and the partner must purchase this under a direct consumer model. However the Partner can do this directly if they wish, following the same agreement.

 NOTE: For more information on the above, please refer to this agreement.


NOTE: The Azure portal now includes a setting to activate AVD per user pricing, this must be activated to ensure licence compliance for external organisation users. Click here to find out more.

For the purposes of internal organisation users connecting to the Virtual Machine, for elements such as initial setup or technical support calls:

  • Where customers are deployed on the same tenant as internal organisation user, then internal organisation users may rely on the relevant entitlement from within their organisation e.g. Windows 10 E3, Microsoft 365 E3 and others
  • Where the tenant used for the Sage Partner cloud program is separate to the business partner’s core tenant, then appropriate additional licences are required – at minimum Windows 10 E3. Sage recommends this deployment option

In all cases, external organisation users must use the new Azure metered model.

In all cases it is the responsibility of partners and customers to ensure licence compliance and to be aware that licence entitlements may change.

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