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Sage 200 Professional - How to obtain a connection string for a Microsoft Azure SQL Database via the Azure Portal

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This article relates to the Sage 200 Professional software deployed via the Sage Provisioning Portal and explains the process of obtaining a connection string for a Microsoft Azure SQL database through the Microsoft Azure Portal


Make a note of your SQL Server name, this can be found on your Site page in the Sage Provisioning Portal.


Go to and open Resource groups (under Azure services).


Enter the SQL Server name into the search box and click on the SQL Server Resource Group.   


Find and click on the resource (the server or the database) for which you are looking to obtain the connection string.


Click on Connection Strings (under Settings on the left-hand menu).


Select the desired format (ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Go) of the connection string, and copy the connection string.

NOTE: You will need to enter your password into the string manually.