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What's new in Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1?

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Sage 200 is part of a global franchise which has a single vision and strategy across fourteen countries worldwide. Our progressive strategy is constantly evolving, with each new release built using direct customer feedback, putting customers’ needs at the centre of the product roadmap. For example, customers are telling us that simplifying their business processes is key, whilst improving the user experience with enhanced flexibility of access, helps drive productivity daily, which really matters to them. These customer requests feed into our three strategic pillars that ensure we deliver the right solution for our customers’ needs today, and in the future.


The three strategic pillars for Sage 200 are as follows:

  1. Web enabling Sage 200 client with a choice of data deployment (on-premise or on Microsoft Azure), delivering the following key elements:
    • Browser based client data entry.
    • Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI & Power Automate functionality.
    • Flexibility to customise to support business requirements.
    • Choice of data deployment (Professional variant only).
    • Greater accessibility standards – supporting multiple browser / font sizing and scale / technology choice and power to run from tablets.
  2. Strengthening core accounting functionality & API developmen.
    • Simplified experience and system flow.
    • Focus on key accounting processes.
    • Continued API development.
  3. Vertical specific propositions
    • Delivering the appropriate feature set for our customers, to support their industry requirements.

Sage 200 2021 R1, released in July 2021, for Sage 200 Professional customers.

Highlights for this release include:
    • New deployment choice – Sage 200 Professional is now available to be deployed onto Azure through our Sage Provisioning portal onto a partner owned Azure subscription.
    • New Web Screens – Get ready for business transformation. Automate and execute on the go using a browser. Web screens for Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Stock.
    • API enhancements – grow your automation and synchronise data.
A detailed list of new features and benefits per module is provided within this guide:

New Deployment


  • New deployment option for Microsoft Azure


Business Partners will be able to use the Sage Provisioning portal to deploy Sage 200 Professional onto Microsoft Azure. The Azure subscription will be owned and managed by the Sage 200 Partner.


Deployment made simple!

  • Automation of Sage 200 Professional deployment
  • Consistency of deployment
  • Single point for customer management

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Web Screens


Stock Control


New forms for:

  • Manage stock take
  • Transfer stock
  • Stock record (Create/ Amend/ Duplicate/ View)
  • View Stock Item balances & Stock buying prices
  • Stock item supplier and locations
  • Stock list
  • View stock item history
  • View monthly trading figures
  • Stock location

Purchase Ledger

New forms for:

  • Purchase Payment/ Receipt
  • Maintain Supplier status
  • Transaction enquiry
  • Authorise supplier transaction
  • Purchase Invoice/ Credit
  • Supplier List
  • Supplier Account (Create/ Amend/ View)
  • Purchase Ledger Settings

Sales Legder

New forms for:

  • Sales Payment/ Receipt
  • Maintain customer status
  • Transaction enquiry
  • Sales Invoice/ Credit
  • Customer List
  • Customer Account (Create/ Amend/ View)
  • Sales Ledger Settings

Nominal Ledger

New forms for:

  • Nominal transaction enquiry
  • Nominal Account (Create/Amend/View)
  • Nominal ledger list


New forms for:

  • Bank account transaction enquiry
  • Interbank transfer
  • Bank account list


New forms for:

  • Sales ledger settings
  • Purchase ledger settings

Sales Orders

New forms for:

  • Customer Price enquiry

Maintenance Forms

New forms for:

  • Warehouse list


Business Management Reimagined

Sage Professional is now up-to-date with Sage Standard and the Web Screens available, as with this release, we are introducing Web Screen Launch packs 1 and 2. This ensures customers using Sage 200 Professional can benefit from the same enhanced accessibility and flexibility as customers using Sage 200 Standard.

In launch pack 1 – we offer web screens for: Stock Management, Sales Ledger Information, Purchase Ledger information, auto data capture and direct data entry, plus access to sales ledger forms.

In launch pack 2 – we offer web screens for further Sales Ledger functionality, Purchase Ledger functionality and Stock Ledger access. – giving Professional Customers that true cloud experience.

Plus, to ensure Pro continues to grow cloud functionality at the same pace as Std, we are launching the same new web screens across both variants, offering greater accessibility and more flexibility on how and where customers manage their stock, cashbook and nominal ledger. With these web screens, customers can manage their finances on a browser of your choice, – giving customers a true cloud experience, including:

Maintenance Forms – Warehouse List

Nominal Ledger – Nominal Ledger List

Cashbook – Interbank Transfer and Bank Account List

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Helpfiles for Sage 200 Professional Web Screens

Helpfiles for Sage 200 Professional



  • Expanded API fields


Building out the ability to connect your product with a wide range of additional solutions available from our ISV marketplace. Updates to the API include additional functionality around Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Stock.


Automation & Simplicity – giving you more choice.

The new API extensions open the door to a wider ecosystem of ISV solutions to connect your business and enable you to build a truly bespoke solution to suit your businesses specific needs. Share data seamlessly between systems, removing the need for manual intervention.

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Professional API Helpfiles