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Add a custom fields to your documents

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This article explains how to add the custom fields in Sage 50cloud Accounts onto your Sage documents.


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Using Report Designer you can quickly add the custom fields from your records onto documents such as Invoices, Statements and Sales Orders.

Don't worry, Report Designer might look complicated, but adding the field is usually straight forward! 

Before you start

Before you can add the field to your document, you should make sure you've set up your custom fields correctly in your software.  This will help you know which data field to add in Report Designer.

Find out more about custom fields >

Find your data field

Now you've set up your custom fields, we can find the correct data field you'll need to use.  Look at the table below to help you choose the right one:

ModuleWhere to find the custom fieldData field(s) to use
Customer recordsClick Customers, select the required record, click New/edit and click Defaults.SALES_LEDGER.ANALYSIS_1
QuotationsClick Quotations, select the required quotation, click Edit and click Order.SALES_ORDER.ANALYSIS_1
Invoices and creditsClick Invoices and credits, select the required invoice or credit, click Edit and click Order.INVOICE.ANALYSIS_1
Sales ordersClick Sales orders, select the required order, click Edit and click Order.SALES_ORDER.ANALYSIS_1
Supplier recordsClick Suppliers, select the required record, New/edit, click Defaults.PURCHASE_LEDGER.ANALYSIS_1
Purchase ordersClick Purchase orders, select the required invoice or credit, click Edit and click Order.PURCHASE_ORDER.ANALYSIS_1
Product recordsClick Products and services, select the required record, click New/edit and click Web.STOCK.WEB_CATEGORY_1
Project recordsClick Projects, select the required record, click New/edit, and click Analysis.PROJECT.ANALYSIS_1

Add the data field

  1. Select the document you want to amend, then click Edit.
  2. If required, to make space on the layout you can click and drag items.
  3. On the menu bar click Toolbox, then click Add Data Field.
  4. Click once in the blank space where you want the data field to appear.

     NOTE: You can learn more about moving or resizing existing objects through our help guide.  Read more >

  5. In the Add Data Field window, expand the relevant table, for example, INVOICE.
  6. Click the data field, for example, ANALYSIS_1, then click OK.
  7. If required, click and drag to move or resize the data field.
  8. On the menu bar click File, then click Save As.
  9. Enter a new file name then click Save.
  10. On the menu bar click File, then click Exit.


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