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How to move to Sage HR Online Services

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This guide explains how to move from Sage Employee Online Services to Sage HR Online Services.


Once you've completed the four preparation steps, you're ready to move and you'll soon receive a prompt to move Online Services. We notify you the week before you're expected to get this prompt. If you'd prefer not to wait for this prompt and move now, you can fill out this form. We'll then move you the week after you submitted the form.

For steps on what to do once you have your prompt to move, follow the steps below.


  1. When you log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, a Moving your Online Services message appears. To begin the move, click OK.


  2. Log in with the Manager email address for Online Services. 

    NOTE: This email address becomes the main administrator in Sage HR Online Services, which has the highest level of access.

  3. After you log in, your data moves over to Sage HR Online Services. 

    This may take a few minutes and Sage 50cloud Payroll can't be accessed during this process. 


  4. When a confirmation message appears, click OK.


It's as simple as that! You're now logged into Sage 50cloud Payroll as normal, and Sage HR Online Services is ready for you to set up and use.

Next steps

Now you've successfully moved to Sage HR Online Services, inform your employees that their online payslips portal has changed. Use our email template to send to them - Read more >

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For everything you need to know about moving to Sage HR Online Services, visit our Support Hub.