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Sage Provisioning Portal: Connecting & Managing Azure subscriptions

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Information on how to manage Azure subscriptions through the Sage Provisioning Portal for use with products such as Sage 200.


Q: How to connect a Sage Azure subscription to the Sage Provisioning Portal

A: This article covers connecting an Azure subscription.

Q: When connecting an Azure subscription to the Sage Provisioning Portal what access is granted?

A: When running the powershell script Sage are registered as providers for the following services in your Azure subscription:

  • Microsoft.Storage
  • Microsoft.Network
  • Microsoft.Compute
  • Microsoft.Sql
  • Microsoft.KeyVault
  • Microsoft .RecoveryServices 
  • Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization

Q: What happens if the Azure subscription is disconnected from the portal?

You can only disconnect the subscription if there are no sites associated to it, steps on how to disconnect are below.


By removing this you will no longer be able to manage existing sites or create new ones.

Q: Can you reconnect an Azure subscription after disconnecting it?

By adding in the Azure subscription back into the Sage Provisioning Portal as detailed in this article.

NOTE: A new powershell script file will be provided and the configuration process will need to be run through again.