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2. Migrate to Sage Business Cloud Payroll - Export the FPS

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This article explains step 2 of the migration process from Sage Instant Payroll, to Sage Business Cloud Payroll.


Have you prepared?

Follow our simple guide to prepare your software for the migration. Read more >

To save you time, you can export the Full Payment Submission (FPS) from Sage Instant Payroll, and import it into Sage Business Cloud Payroll to carry across all your employee details to automatically create your employee records.

Below are the steps to do this.


Submit the Full Payment Submission (FPS)

At the end of your pay run, after processing your pay period as normal, you will need to submit a Full Payment Submission (FPS) to HMRC:

 TIP: The FPS file needs to be in a .xml format and must be no bigger than 25MB.

  1. Click Pay Employees then click Full Payment Submission (FPS).
  2. Select the check boxes to indicate you have done everything you need to.
  3. Click Full Payment Submission (FPS).
  4. If you're submitting your FPS after your pay date, from the drop-down menu, click the relevant reason then click OK.
    NOTE: If you have any employees that are marked as on hold because they aren't being paid in this period, you can select to include or exclude them from the FPS. To exclude an employee from the submission, clear the Include check-box. 
  5. Read the Important Notice, then click Continue.
  6. Click Submit, then click Submit.

Find and export your FPS file

You need to find your most recent FPS file within Sage Instant Payroll to be able to export it.

  1. From RTI Submissions select FPS Viewer.
  2. Select the most recent FPS, then click Export XML.

Next steps

You have now successfully exported your latest FPS in Sage Instant Payroll.

You can now import this into Sage Business Cloud Payroll software. Follow our 'Migrate from Sage Instant Payroll to Sage Business Cloud Payroll - Import the FPS' guide to continue with your migration journey.

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