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1. Prepare to migrate to Sage Business Cloud Payroll

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This article explains step one of the migration process from Sage Instant Payroll, to Sage Business Cloud Payroll.


To prepare your data to migrate to Sage Business Cloud Payroll, there are a few things you need to check, don't worry we have a handy checklist below to help you with this.

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Before you migrate

You'll need to collect some information from Sage Instant Payroll first, to make this easier, use the checklist below:

 NOTE: You should also have your PAYE Reference details, and HMRC Online Services credentials as you'll need these during the set up process.

P45 or P46 information

Employees that started during the current tax year, you need their P45 to enter values from their previous employment.


Directorship details

The date they became a director, and their NI calculation method.


Your employees RTI Pay ID

You need to have the correct RTI Pay ID for each employee.


P32 reports

You need P32 reports for the pay runs processed in the current tax year.

You should keep the P32s for your records.


Detailed Reports

This is only needed if you have 1 or more employee with termination payment of £30, 000 or more in a P32 reporting period.


When to migrate to Sage Business Cloud Payroll

You must migrate at the start of the tax month or quarter so that all payment history for the P32 is in the same place. 

 TIP: A tax month runs from the 6th of one month to the 5th of the next, and the first tax quarter runs from 6 April to 5 July then every three months after that.


If you have processed the first two weekly pay runs of the current tax month in Sage Instant Payroll:

  • Process the remaining weekly pay runs of the reporting period in Sage Instant Payroll.
  • Make the relevant online submissions.
  • Migrate to Sage Business Cloud Payroll at the beginning of the next tax month or quarter.

TIP: After you've set up your Sage Business Cloud Payroll account, you can login from this website.  

Next steps

You have now successfully prepared your software and information for the migration journey.

The next step of your migration journey, is exporting the FPS in Sage Instant Payroll >

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