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Enter Incoterms for customers, suppliers, invoices and orders

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Incoterms are rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that can be used for the international sale of goods. They define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers, for example, who's responsible for paying for shipment, insurance and other activities. This article explains how to record Incoterms in Sage 50 Accounts v27.2 and above.



 NOTE: It is not currently possible to edit existing, or add new incoterms as these are defined by the ICC. 

Add Incoterms to customer and supplier records

  1. Click Customers or Suppliers as required.
  2. Double-click the required customer or supplier record.
  3. Click Defaults then in the Incoterms drop-down select the required terms. 

    TIP: The 2010 and 2020 after each option shows the version of Incoterms agreed. The ICC recommends using Incoterms 2020 but parties can agree to use other versions. Read more >

  4. Click Save, then click Close.

TIP: Incoterms information can also be included when importing and exporting customer and supplier records.

Add or edit Incoterms in invoices and orders

If you add Incoterms to a customer or supplier record, those terms are automatically selected when you raise an invoice, order or quotation. You can also add or amend the Incoterms within the invoice, order or quotation itself.

  1. Open Invoices and credits, Sales orders, Purchase orders or Quotations.
  2. Open the relevant invoice or order, or create a new one as required.
  3. Click Order, then in the Incoterms drop-down select the required terms. 
  4. Click Save, then click Close.

Print Incoterms on an invoice or order

When printing invoices and orders, you can use the following layouts to show Incoterms:

TypeLayout descriptionFile name
InvoiceA4 Commercial invoice - Plain Paper (Print or Email)COMINVPLAINA4
Sales orderA4 Export Sales Order - Plain Paper (Print or Email)EXPSOPPLAINA4
Purchase orderA4 Import Purchase Order - Plain Paper (Print or Email)IMPPOPPLAINA4