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Corporation Tax submission error 9385 with R&D claims

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This guide explains how to resolve error 9385 in Sage Corporation Tax when submitting a client with R&D claims


Submitting a client with R&D claim may generate the following error: 

Error type : business
Error number : 3001
The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.

Type : business #0
Number : 9385 #0
Message : Box 530 must only be completed if Box 142 equals 'yes' #0
Location : TaxReconciliation - ResearchAndDevelopmentCredit #0"


  • HMRC required all company tax returns (original and amended) which are filed online on or after 6 April 2021, and which have an entry in box 530, to include the new CT600L.
  • An additional compliance update to HMRC servers (RIM 1.96) was expected on 21 May 2021
  • The additional issues surrounding Research and Development claims was expected to be resolved on 31 May 2021.


You should download and install Sage Corporation Tax v3.4. Read more >

Once you install the update, you must review all figures and re-tag before you submit the client file.