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Sage 200 Professional - GoCardless Hotfix for Issue 8353

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We recently identified an issue (8353) with the GoCardless feature available in the Sage 200 software that requires a hotfix to be applied, the relevant download and instructions for the Sage 200 Professional software can be found below.


CAUTION: Please ensure no users are logged in and using the system and IIS is stopped while these changes are applied.

NOTE: The dll/installers folder included in the below zip files are specific to each version, please ensure you apply the files for your version of the software.

The instructions to resolve this issue are as follows:

On your Sage server navigate to \\Sage\Installers\ replace the Sage 200 Administration and Sage 200 Client or Sage200 MFG Client folder with what is in the zip

  1. Navigate to \\Sage\Installers.
  2. Locate the Sage 200 Administration folder.
  3. Overwrite this with the Sage 200 Administration found in the zip file below.
  4. Repeat the same steps for the Sage 200 Client folder or Sage 200 MFG Client if the customer is using Sage 200 Manufacturing

NOTE: For some of the version hotfixes, replacing the Sage 200 Administration folder isn't necessary so will not be included in the zip download.

On the web server replace the relevant .dll file with those found in the download below to the location \\inetpub\Sage 200 App Services\Sage200SecuredServices\Bin.

Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2 >>

Sage 200 Professional 2020 R1 >>

Sage 200 Professional 2019 Summer >>

Sage 200 Professional 2019 Spring >>

Sage 200 Professional 2018 Winter >>

Sage 200 Professional 2018 Summer RM >>

On the next opening of the 200 client or System Administration applications, they will automatically update.

 NOTE: In some instances, you may also be required to reinstall the client from the updated folders if it does not auto update upon next log in.