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Reminder: Sage 200 licence expiry & TLS - 25/02/21

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This communication was issued to our Sage 200 community.


This communication was sent 25 February 2021.

Reminder: Sage 200 licence expiry & TLS

Notice 21-V | 25 February 2021

Dear Partner,

Sage is committed to keeping our customers secure. Making sure we reduce threats and take advantage of the latest technology, this means from time to time we need to upgrade the underlying components of our products.

In February 2020, we wrote to you to outline a number of changes that were upcoming in our services and provided follow-up communications – you can see them and their associated FAQs using the links below.  

With the exception of the Sage Licensing Service, all other dates have now passed. We wanted to remind you that the Sage Licensing Service for all versions from 2013 up to and including Spring 2019, will all deprecate on the same date. Therefore, the latest date a version will deprecate with Sage Licensing Service is 30 September 2023.  

In our original communications, we staggered dates to provide:   

  • Focus to drive upgrades proving a manageable number each year for partners. 
  • Support messaging as they are broadly in line with our end of support dates.  
  • Reduce the risk to customers and partners. 

If you wish to work towards the September 2023 date, the choice and risk is yours to take, but it’s essential to ensure you have sufficient capacity to achieve required upgrades in time.   

We’ll provide periodic reminders of this deadline date, it’s essential to understand that the licence service will deactivate, this will not be extended and there will be no way to provide any licence keys for these versions, including offline licence keys.

Customers must be upgraded to a compatible version ahead of the date.

As per the original communication, Sage reserves the right to bring this date forward should we identify any security risks to our customers using TLS 1.0 / 1.1.   


We’ve prepared an FAQ that should answer any questions you have, for additional enquiries please contact your account manager or raise a case with Customer Services. 

Kind regards 

Jo Kirkup 

Product Manager, Sage 200