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Sage 200 Developer - Changes to Sage ID

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Communication sent to the developer channel in regards to Sage ID changes in Sage 200


This communication was sent 05 January 2021.

Changes to Sage ID

Notice 21-C | 05 January 2021

Dear Developer,

Sage ID is transforming. Sage is undergoing a transformation to a new system which is an underpin for our future identity strategy. Sage ID will support new standards such as JWT and Open ID and will replace our current Sage ID offering. The latest version of Sage ID is not backward compatible with the existing in market version of Sage ID.

As such any integrations or 3rd party applications which use the current Sage ID authentication method will need to be updated before 19 February 2021 to reflect these changes.

Please complete the following form to request a new set of demonstration or production client credentials and see our new Sample Solution and Client Library for an example of how to implement the new authentication method programmatically.

We have also produced the following guide which further details the required changes, as well as an article which answers your most frequently asked questions.

Our Postman article has also been updated to include the new authentication steps.

Kind regards

Sage Developer Services