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Essential Software Maintenance for Sage 200 Professional

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This communication was issued to our Sage 200 Business Partner and Developer community.


This communication was sent 12 January 2021.

Essential Software Maintenance Sage 200 Professional

Notice 21-F | 12 January 2021

Dear Partner,

We wrote to you last week about some upcoming changes and software updates.

You can review the communication here. Further to that, we're writing to share our progress.

Software availability

The following is now available:

  • Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2 - the remastered version has been uploaded to our website and you can access it here.
  • Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2, the hotfix to address the Intrastat and Menu points (for customers who have already had this version installed), can be accessed here.

Software updates to address the Intrastat need for the following versions, will be available on Friday 15 January:

  • Sage 200 2016 SP2 Remastered Version
  • Sage 200 Summer 2017 & Remastered Version
  • Sage 200 Winter 2017
  • Sage 200 Spring 2018
  • Sage 200 Summer 2018 & Remastered Version
  • Sage 200 Winter 2018
  • Sage 200 Spring 2019
  • Sage 200 Summer 2019
  • Sage 200 2020 R1
Software workarounds

We're providing documentation to support customers on versions prior to 2016, or for those who need to produce an Intrastat declaration prior to the software update being applied. You can access this via our Knowledgebase.

Got a question?

Please speak to our Customer Services Team in the first instance.

Kind regards

Jo Kirkup

Product Manager, Sage 200