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Business Partner - SQL Distribution

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This communication was issued 6 January 2021.


SQL Distribution

Notice 21-B/C | 06 January 2021

Dear Partner,

We wrote to you in September to ask for your support in reviewing your businesses compliance with the End User License Agreement ("EULA") we have in place with Microsoft, in connection with our SQL distribution.

We'd like to thank all of the partners who have engaged to ask questions and give feedback. We've built all of your questions and common scenarios into an FAQ. In addition, we have the following changes and announcements to make:

Sage X3
  • We will be withdrawing all variants of SQL from new sale effective immediately - you have until 28 February 2021 to close any pipeline connected with this.

    NOTE: We will only supply SQL version 2017 to these final orders.

  • We're working to distribute SQL 2019 in early 2021 to existing customers and this will include customers who have purchased SQL 2017 in advance of January 2021. It will then be the customer's decision as to when the SQL 2019 installation is performed.
  • We'll remove maintenance from all X3 SQL renewals effective 01 April 2021 - this will be based on the customer's renewal date.
  • You have until 31 March 2021 to add any additional users to the platform, where SQL is also required.
Sage 200cloud
  • SQL 2019 will be made available for new sales in the UK from 18 January 2021 and Ireland from 01 February 2021, and SQL 2016 will be withdrawn from new sale.
  • Customers who currently have assurance will receive their upgrade notifications during the course of Q2 FY21.
  • Prices for SQL in Ireland will increase from 01 February 2021. This has already been communicated to partners.
  • We'll be changing the way the SQL product is registered on our systems - more information can be found in our FAQ.

In addition, we're providing clarity to a number of scenarios and some partner recommendations on best practice. Please review the FAQ for further detail.

Should you have any questions, please speak to your account manager.

NOTE: Partners in the UK will have received this communication from Hesham El Komy and partners in the Republic of Ireland will have received this from Carmel Dawson.