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What steps must I take after a temporary Bank feeds service disruption?

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If your bank feeds service was temporarily disrupted following the end of the Brexit transition period, we're pleased to advise that the service is now available. To get back up and running in Sage 50cloud Accounts, there are a few simple steps you need to take.


Log in to Bank feeds

Once the Bank feeds service is available, to start using Bank feeds:

  1. Click Bank accounts, select the relevant bank account then click Bank feeds.
  2. Click Download transactions then if prompted to log in to your online banking service, follow the on-screen bank prompts to log back in.

Once this is complete, you can then download your Bank feed transactions.

NOTE: Note: If you've disconnected your bank from the Bank feeds service, to set up Bank feeds again, please refer to our set up guide.

If you haven't been posting bank transactions manually while Bank feeds was unavailable, you can now process your Bank feeds as normal. If you manually posted bank transactions while the service was unavailable, please proceed to the following section.

If you manually processed bank transactions

Mark duplicate transactions as ignored

  1. Click Bank accounts.
  2. Click the relevant bank account, then click Bank feeds.
  3. Click Download transactions.
  4. Match any unreconciled Sage transactions to date with their equivalent bank transactions as normal. Read more >
  5. Under Transactions from your bank, select the remaining duplicate transactions then click Ignore.

     TIP: To select a range of transactions, press and hold the Shift key, then click the first and last transaction in the range. 



 Delete the duplicate transaction if created

 TIP: To help you identify duplicate transactions you can use the Accounts audit option. Read more > 

  1. Click Transactions then select the transactions you want to delete and click Delete.

     NOTE: Sage 50 Accounts v26.2 and above - when you apply a search that only returns one result, the Delete or Edit option can be disabled. As a work around, instead of using a search or filter, use the Find option. Read more >

  2. Click Delete then click Yes.

    If the transaction is VAT reconciled, when the message 'Do you wish to reverse this transaction?' appears click Yes.

  3. When a message appears advising the transaction is bank reconciled, click Yes.  

Depending on the status of the transaction, it is either deleted or reversed. For more information about correcting transactions, please refer to our corrections guide >


Using Bank feeds rules - No approval required

If you are using Bank feeds rules and you have rules that are set to post transactions without approval, these rules may have posted duplicate automatic transactions. If this is the case, you should delete those transactions by following the steps in the section above.

 TIP: In the Transactions module, automatic bank feeds transactions show BF:RULE: auto in the User Name column.


Using Bank feeds rules - Approval required

If you are using Bank feeds rules and you have rules that require approval before transactions are posted, you can reject pending transactions in Approvals.

 TIP: If you're unsure if your bank feeds rules require approval, you can check this in Bank feeds > Manage rules > Review Before Posting column.

  1. Click Bank accounts, then click Bank feeds approval.
  2. Ensure only the duplicate transactions you want to reject are selected, then click Reject.


  3. You should then also mark the transaction as ignored within Bank feeds. For help with this, please refer to the section Mark the duplicate transaction as ignored above.