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Sage CRM - Qmulus Qnect Connector

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This article will cover the support boundaries that are in place for the Qnect Connector. This is an alternative to the current Sage 200 classic integration, for which support ends as of 30th September 2021.


It was announced on 25th November 2020 that the Sage 200 CRM software would go into extended support from 1st April 2021 until 30th September 2021. After this date, no technical support will be provided.

NOTE: More information on this announcement can be found here´╗┐


An alternative to the Sage 200 classic integration is Qmulus Qnect which is developed by our Business Partner Qmulus.

The support boundaries for this software can be seen below.

TIP: For further information on Qnect software, please see

QueryWho Supports This?Description
Installation & Configuration of Sage 200 API using Native API*SageSet up of the Sage 200 API with Native API for use with the Qnect Connector - guide can be found here
Installation & Configuration of Qnect Connector**/***QmulusInitial installation of the Qnect Connector
Data Migration**QmulusMigration of either classic or integrated data to Qmulus Qnect Connector
'How to' queriesSageAssistant with core Sage CRM functionality
Technical support for QnectQmulusTroubleshooting issues via web, phone or remote support
Data InvestigationsSageInvestigation of issues within the Sage 200 or Sage CRM database
Qnect Connector Software UpdatesQmulusUpdates provided to fix issues or improve functionality
Qnect Connector Bug FixesQmulusFixes to reported issues via hotfix or software updates

* Setting up the Sage 200 API is the responsibility of the customers' Business Partner. Any support queries or issues must be raised to Sage, not Qmulus. Further information on API responsibility can be found here.

** The installation and configuration of the Qnect connector, as well as the migration of CRM data from SMS Connected/200 Integrated to Qnect Connector should be undertaken by a CRM Accredited Business Partner. For support, documentation or training on this please speak to Qmulus.

*** Compatibility information for the Qnect connector can be found here.

NOTE: Guidance on circumstances where a customer get support across mutliple business partners can be found here