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Sage 200 Professional - How to check if an install is a remastered version

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With the changes to TLS and Sage ID, remastered versions of the Sage 200 Professional were created to allow users to continue working unaffected without the need to upgrade. The version number in the product does not change. Below are steps on how to check if the remastered version has been installed or not.


More information on the remastered versions of the software can be found here.

  1. Navigate to Go to C:\Inetpub\Sage 200 App Services\Sage200SecuredServices\Bin
  2.  Right click on the Sage.Accounting.PersistenObjects.dll and select Properties
  3. Select the Details tab and check the File Version Number

EXAMPLE: For an install numbered 20.18.20062.1 - The 5 digit portion of this number denotes the year and day the server was updated, so in this case, the 62nd day of 2020.