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Managing users on the Sage Provisioning Portal

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This guide explains how to manage users on the Sage Provisioning Portal website for Sage 200.


NOTE: We recommend that you regularly review your user list. 

Manage users

To create and manage your users, you'll use both the Sage Provisioning Portal and Sage 200 itself.

First, you must assign users to your site on the Sage Provisioning Portal website.

Authorised Users

The Customer Administrator will add all Authorised Users to your Sage 200 site.

You should add Authorised Users in accordance with the Sage 200 Terms and Conditions.

CAUTION: An Authorised User must be a named individual. It is important to use named users, as it provides a clear audit trail of who has undertaken activity on your site or data.

You should not create generic user accounts that can be used by more than one person. If we notice that generic user accounts are being used on a site, then the user account will be locked and one of our team will contact you to discuss your additional user licence requirements.

You should not use temporary or disposable email addresses for user accounts, such as Yopmail and Mailinator. Where you require a user to support a 3rd party solution via the API please check here for further guidance.

Assign users to your site from Sage Provisioning Portal

You can assign user roles within the Sage Provisioning Portal. Only users with administrative access in the Sage Provisioning Portal can add users.

It's up to you how you organise your users and what level of access to give to each user. Smaller companies might want to manage things in a flat structure, and assign all users as customer operations agents so that they can perform backups as required. In a larger organisation, you might want to restrict that activity to only one or two users.

You can have the following types of users in the Sage Provisioning Portal:

How many users can I have?

You can assign as many users as you need to your site. If you have more than one company per site, you can choose which users access which companies from within the Sage 200 software.

NOTE: Sage 200 is tested with up to a maximum of 50 concurrent users , including both App users and Web users.

Add and remove users on your site

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