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Sage 200 Standard / Sage for Education - Assigning an Accountant User

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This article will summarise how to create and assign an Accountant user for any Sage 200 Standard / Sage for Education site.


As well as assigning customer users to your site in Sage 200 Standard / Sage for Education, there is also an option to assign an Accountant user within the Sage Provisioning Portal.

This differs from a normal user in that it is possible for the accountant user to gain access to data from multiple different clients if they are given permission by the company administrator. E.g. an Accountant in practice that services different customers.

NOTE: Assigning users, including Accountant users to a Sage 200 Standard / Sage for Education site is the responsibility of the Customer Administrator or any Customer Operation Agents belonging to your site. This allows you to have full control over who is assigned to your site in a safe and secure manner.


Steps to assign the Accountant user

Below are the steps and screenshots on how to assign an Accountant user to your site. We also have a video guide on how to do this below the steps:

  1. Log into the Sage Provisioning Portal.
    NOTE: Only Customer Administrator or Customer Operations Agents will be able to assign the Accountant user. Please ensure you are logging in with an email that has that role assigned to them.
  2. Once you are logged into Sage Provisioning Portal, hover over Dashboard and click Site Dashboard.
  3. Click on the site name that you wish to assign the Accountant user to.
  4. Navigate to the Users section, and click on the Assign Accountant button.


  5. You will then see this screen. Enter your accountants email and click search:


  6. If the accountant user already exists, their details will be displayed on screen. You must select the relevant accountant and click Accept. This will immediately assign the accountant to your site showing their status as Active and they will receive an email notifying them of this.
    If the accountant user does not exist, you will be given another screen to enter their first namelast name and email address. When this is done, click Accept. This will assign the accountant to your site immediately with a status of Pending, and they will receive a registration email to sign up and create a Sage ID.
    NOTE: Once their Sage ID has been activated, the status against their user will change from Pending to Active. If they do not complete the email registration this will stay as Pending until they have done so.
  7. When the accountant is showing as Active within the user list, they must be assigned company access and access rights within Sage 200 Standard Online.
    NOTE: Steps on how to assign users company access can be found here, and steps on how to assign users feature access can be found here.
  8. Once company and feature access has been assigned to the Accountant User, they can download the Sage 200 Standard Online/Education software here and proceed to log in and use the program.

Video Guide to adding an Accountant User