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Sage ERP 1000 - Patch Update

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This communication was issued 30th October 2020.


Sage ERP 1000 - Patch Update

Notice 20-BN | 30 October 2020


The latest patches for Sage 1000 are now available for UKI customers.

This release provides improvements to ensure our customers continue to derive the maximum benefit from their investment in Sage.

What's being released and for which versions?

  • Sage ERP 1000 v3 SP14 Patch 3
  • Sage ERP 1000 v4 SP11 Patch 3

What’s new / changed in Sage ERP 1000 Patch 3?

  • The latest version of the Oracle™ Java OpenJDK is incorporated within the Java Client for the Sage ERP 1000 v3/v4 releases ensuring our product is using the latest secure release of the Oracle™ Java platform.
  • Resolution of approximately fifty reported customer issues to improve the quality and stability of the Sage ERP 1000 product releases.

For detailed information about this release, please view the patch documentation which accompany the patch installers.

Integration with Sage CRM

For our integrated customers, Sage ERP 1000 v4 SP11 has been validated to run with Sage CRM 2020 R2.

Download and install updates

The patch installers and more detailed information about these releases can be downloaded from our ftp server:

Got a question?

As with all releases, Technical Support is available subject to our usual terms and conditions.

Kind regards,

Jo Kirkup