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I have errors, warnings or comments in my data - Version 26 and above

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This guide explains what to do if your Check Data option returns any errors, warnings or comments in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 and above.


If you run the Check Data option and it shows errors, if or you see one of the following messages when you open your software, you must stop processing until you fix the errors. This is because your data may be inaccurate and further corruption may occur. 


Don't worry, here we explain what you need to do.


1. Run Check Data

If you're already logged into your company, to check your data:

  • Click File, click Maintenance and click Check Data.

Alternatively, if you see one of the messages above, click Run repair or Check data and view errors.

Any issues with your data are listed on the File Maintenance Problems Report as errors, warnings or comments:

  • Errors - you must stop processing until they have been resolved and no longer appear.
  • Warnings - we recommend you fix these before continuing.
  • Comments - these are for information only, we recommend you check these from time to time.

To fix any errors that appear, proceed to the next section.

TIP: In Sage 50cloud Accounts v28, when you click Run repair an automatic repair is ran. If your File Maintenance Problems Report shows no errors at this point, your data is fixed and you can continue as normal. Any corruption banner or messages on start-up will disappear after your next scheduled backup.  

2. Fix any errors or restore a backup

Some errors can be fixed automatically in your software and some may need additional action by you in order to be fixed. Depending on the errors you have, in the File Maintenance Problems Report you see one of the following three windows:

Fix your errors window

This window appears if the errors may be fixed automatically. For further help with this window, read more >


Your next steps window

This appears when your errors are unrepairable. For further help with this window, read more >


Additional steps window

This appears when there are some manual steps needed to fix your data. For further help with this window, read more >


3. Fix any warnings and comments

Although not as serious, it's also good practice to fix any warnings or comments, visit, find the relevant warning or comment and follow the steps on the linked article.

Had corruption more than once?

Errors in your data shouldn't happen very often. If you find you get errors on a regular basis, you can find further help in our guide to potential causes of data corruption.

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