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Set F12 to access Sage Q&A Live

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This article explains how to set your F12 key in Sage 50cloud Accounts to make it even easier to get support from a Sage expert.


It's easy to set your F12 key so that when you press F12 on your keyboard you're taken directly to Live Q&A where Sage technicians answer your queries within minutes, if not seconds.


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  1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts, click Tools, then Options.
  2. Click the Environment tab
  3. In the F12 field, enter the following:

    cmd /c start


  4. Click OK.

That's it. Whenever you press F12 when logged into Sage 50cloud Accounts, Live Q&A opens up in your Internet browser and you can chat to a Sage support technician.

You can find out more about configuring your shortcut keys by checking our help guide.  Read more >