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Withdrawal of support for Sage Jobcosting

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From 1 October 2021, we can no longer provide support for Sage Job Costing. Here we answer some questions you may have around this decision.


Why have Sage made this decision?

At Sage, we regularly review the software and services we offer to UK & Ireland businesses to ensure we are investing in the right solutions for our customers. Not just now but for the future too. We do this to ensure we can continue to deliver the very best innovation and support to you. As part of this review, we’ve decided we can no longer support the Sage 50 Job Costing software. As of the 1 October 2021 we will no longer be actively supporting this product.

We have taken this decision to focus on development of our core accounts products – both Sage 50cloud and Sage Business Cloud. By investing in those products we are able to deliver an up-to-date, feature-rich experience that enhances the way you manage your business. By streamlining our services and support, we can focus on the products needed to help businesses get even more value from Sage.

We are giving you plenty of notice so you can assess your organisation’s job costing needs. Until then, we’ll make sure you continue to receive the support you need for your software from your current support provider.

What are my options?

When looking at alternative solutions for Job Costing, we currently do not have a relevant option available at Sage. We are working on this – and if we identify a suitable solution that would be a good alternative, we will let you know.

You can continue to use your Job Costing software, however there will be no support available from our teams beyond 1 October 2021 and we will no longer update the product, or make any further improvements.

How can I be confident the product will fully function until the end of my contract?

The software will be tested with the version of Sage 50cloud available on release at the time of this communication to ensure it will continue to function as expected for you until 1 October 2021. To confirm, this is a removal of the support element of your contract, so your product will continue to function as it does today.

We cannot guarantee that the software will continue to function with later versions of the software, however.

What happens if I want a support agreement?

We will not look to reactivate any support services that have already expired, but we will work with you until 30 September 2021 to ensure a suitable outcome regardless. ​