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Return to work with Sage 50cloud Payroll

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If your office has been closed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis you may now be thinking about when to re-open, and what it is you need to do with Sage 50cloud Payroll, find out what steps you need to take in this simple article.


You may be heading back to the office, which means you'll need to take payroll with you! To continue processing your payroll in the office, there are a few steps you'll need to complete, let's take a look at what they are below!


Check your version number is v27

The first step to take is to ensure you're using an up to date version of Sage 50cloud Payroll, let's check your version now.

  1. From the tool bar click Help then click About.
  2. In the Program Details section check the Version number.

    If your version number is v27.01 or below, you need to download Sage 50cloud Payroll v27.03 on each computer.

Check your activation details

When you install the software on a computer, you'll need to enter your activation details when you open the program.

To find your activation details, follow these steps in Sage 50cloud Payroll:

  1. Click Help then click About.
  2. From the Licence Information section make a note of the following:
    • Serial number
    • Activation key
    • Account number

Take a full backup of your data

To continue processing payroll on another computer, you need to have an up to date copy of your data, RTI, documents and pension data files. To do this you can take a full backup of your data to a removable device, such as a memory stick, ready to restore onto your work computer.

  1. Click File then click Backup.
  2. Click Next then select the following:
    • Default Files.
    • Data Files.
    • RTI Files.
    • Pension Data Files.
    • Picture Files.
    • Report Files.
    • Template Files.
    • Document Files.
  3. Click Next then click Browse.
  4. Browse to the location of your removeable device.
  5. Click Save then click Next.
  6. Click Finish then click OK.

Install Sage 50cloud Payroll at work

If you uninstalled Sage 50cloud Payroll from you work computer, you need to download Sage 50cloud Payroll onto your computer at work and input the activation details you noted in the Check your activation details section to active your software.

Restore an all files backup

You'll need to restore your files back into Sage 50cloud Payroll on your work computer, do that by following the steps listed below.

  1. Open Sage 50cloud Payroll.
  2. Enter the activation details that you noted in the Check your activation details section.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select Restore a backup then click Next.
  5. Click Browse then browse to the location of the backup then click Open.
  6. Click Next then click Finish.
  7. Enter your User Name and Password.
  8. Confirm your processing date, then click OK.

    You can now process your payroll as normal on your home computer.


We're here to support you through this process and any others you may need assisstance with, check out our support guide here >