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Job Retention Scheme Module: Choose the employees you need to furlough

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This article covers how to select the employees you need to furlough in the Job Retention Scheme Module in Sage 50cloud Payroll.


After you select the dates to furlough your employees, you can select the employees you're furloughing.


Which employees should I select?

When you complete the steps in the module, if your employees have different furlough dates in the claim period, you should only select those employees you're running the calculation for.


Flexibly furloughed employees

If an employee is being flexibly furloughed, then you need to provide the number of hours they would normally be expected to work in the furlough period and the actual number of hours they will or did work in the furlough period. We've added two new columns in this step to record these.

As the furlough period is spilt up into tax periods you may need to enter a pro-rated number for the Normal Hours Worked. The Actual Hours Worked should always be the actual hours the employee has worked, in each tax period within the furlough period.

To help you calculate the amount of normal hours and actual hours you need to enter, we've put together some examples. Check the examples >


Fully furloughed employees

You should leave the Normal Working Hours and Actual Working Hours as zero and the employee is then calculated as fully furloughed for that period.


Select employees

  1. Click Company then click Job Retention Scheme.
  2. Next to Choose the employees you'd like to furlough, click Do it now.
  3. To show leavers (optional), select the Show leavers check-box.
  4. Select the required employees, then click Expand All.
    • To select all employees, select the check-box within the header row, then Expand All.
  5. In the Employment Type drop-down list, select Variable Pay, Fixed Pay or Manual.
    • The employment type that you select affects the claim calculation. You should only select manual if you want to enter your own amount for an employee in the assessment. For more information on employment types, check our calculate pay for furloughed workers guide.
  6. If an employee is being flexibly furloughed, enter the Normal Working Hours and Actual Working Hours.
    • If the employee is not working any hours, leave both blank and they will be calculated as fully furloughed for that period.
  7. To print the screen for your records, click Print.
  8. Click Save.

You can now select the payments and deductions to assess >

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