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UKI CRM update for standalone, Sage 200 / Sage 300 / Sage ERP 1000 CRM connected customers

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This communication was issued 10 June 2020


Dear partner,


Please accept our apologies, our previous communication contained incorrect links for the Sage 200 CRM updates. The updated communication below contains correct links and supersedes the communication issued 29 May 2020.


We recently wrote to you to outline upcoming technology changes to the TLS protocol that will impact Sage CRM (either standalone or connected to other Sage software).


We're delighted to announce that the necessary software updates are now ready and available for download using the links below.


In all cases it is essential that:


  • You refer to the documentation included within the software download.
  • You select the relevant download for your scenario e.g. if you will be using Sage 200 CRM with the integration please select Sage 200 CRM.
  • If you are upgrading to a patch version of CRM e.g. 2018 R3.3 you must ensure the previous maintenance release is installed before the patch.

Download information

Sage CRM Standalone


The following versions are now available - please update to these patches as soon as possible to minimise business disruption.


Sage 300 with CRM


We are finalising the approach for Sage 300 and the following knowledgebase articles will be updated with details shortly.
  • KB88873: Sage 300 and CRM version compatibility
  • KB45434: Sage 300 CRM integration requirements
Sage 200 CRM


All patches have been tested against the Sage 200 classic integration. Please ensure you use the links below if you need to upgrade CRM with Sage 200.


Note: If you use a customised login screen, before applying the patch, there are some steps you need to take. Read more


Consideration will also need to be made around the recent TLS communication we issued.


Sage 200 Version CRM Version
2020 R1 2020 R1.1
2019 Summer 2018 R3.3
2019 Spring 2018 R3.3
2018 Winter 2018 R3.3
2018 Summer RM (Remaster) 2018 R3.3
2018 Summer 2018 R3.3
2018 Spring 2018 R3.3
2017 Winter 2018 R3.3
2017 Summer RM (Remaster) 2018 R3.3
2017 Summer 2018 R3.3


For help applying the patch, please see our guides: 2018 R3.3 / 2020 R1.1


Sage ERP 1000 v4 & integrated Sage CRM
Sage CRM only integrates with Sage 1000 ERP v4 and is reliant on the Sage 1000 API.
For any systems where TLS 1.0 / 1.1 has been deactivated, either manually or via software vendors, new product installs and integrations to CRM will not work.


  • Updated APIs & Installers for Sage ERP 1000 v4 SP14 and v3 SP11 will follow on a separate communication shortly.
  • ERP 1000 v4 SP11 is tested against CRM 2020 R1.1
  • ERP 1000 v4 SP10 is tested against CRM 2018 R3.3
Please speak to our Customer Services Team in the first instance.


Kind regards


Jo Kirkup
Product Manager