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INTERNAL Error when submitting your VAT return online

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We have identified an issue when submitting the VAT return using the HMRC gateway. You get error code '1001' from within the Sage 200 program. We recommend that you download and apply the below hotfix, before trying to submit your next online VAT return.


NOTE: This applies to Sage 200 Summer and Winter 2017 Enhancements and Sage 200 Extra Online 2016 service pack 3.

You will get the following message 'Parsing Error : element ‘{} Gateway Timestamp’ has a value which does not match the fixed value defined in the DTD/schema'.

You may still receive an email from the HMRC to say the submission was successful.


To prevent this error we recommend that you apply the hotfix before submitting your online VAT return. You can download and install the hotfix from here.

If you receive the error before applying the hotfix this will not change retrospectively.

Install information
  • The update only needs to be ran on machines that will be submitting to the HMRC.
  • The installer must be ran by someone who has administrator privileges on the PC.
  • When the installer is ran, you will not get a prompt to say that the installer has finished.

This update to the Internet Submissions Component will take precedence over any future versions via updates to Sage 200. To utilise the version supplied in an updated version of Sage 200, this component will need removal via the steps below.

Uninstall information

Removal of the component cannot be performed by an un-install. This needs to be performed by a manual change to the GAC.

  1. As an administrator browse to Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Uninstall the Sage (UK) Ltd ‘Internet Submissions’ program installed when you first applied the hotfix.

  3. As an administrator browse to the GAC: (C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL)
  4. Delete the following folder:
    • Esubs.Model
    • Esubs.Model.Interfaces
    • Esubs.View
    • Esubs.ViewModel

NOTE: We recommend that the above processes are done with no other users in the system and no local instances of Sage 200 running.