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Sage HR Online Services - Employer guide

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This guide has everything you need to set up and start using Sage HR Online Services.


Preparation tasks

Before you start using Sage HR Online Services to upload your employee payslips, we recommend you complete the following tasks:

  • Check you have your Sage account (formerly Sage ID) login details:
    • If you don't have one, you can create one when you set up Online Services.
    • If you've logged in to the My Sage website before, use these details to sign in.
  • Check the email address on your employee records in Sage 50cloud Payroll:
    • You can use the Employee Details - Personal report.

Set up Online Services

Complete six set up tasks in your Sage 50cloud Payroll software, don't worry, they're simple to do and we'll go through them together:

Resend a welcome email

When you upload payslips or historical payslips for the first time, your employee is sent a welcome email inviting them to start using Sage HR Online Services to view their payslips.

The welcome email expires after 24 hours, so it may be necessary to resend a welcome email to an employee. It's quick to do and we have a handy guide for you to follow.

Importing employee details

When you upload payslips or historical payslips to your Sage HR Online Services for the first time, this automatically imports your employees details the first time you do it for them. You can also import additional employee information using an import template.

Update employee details in Sage HR Online Services

How to update information shown in an employee's profile in Sage HR Online Services.

Change an employee's email address

We know sometimes when setting up it's easy to make a typo, or perhaps an employee gets a new email address. If this happens you can change the employee's email address for Sage HR Online Services.

Uploading payslips

Once you enter your employees' payments and process your payroll as normal, you can upload your employee payslips each time you pay them. Let's take a look at the steps.

Uploading Historical Payslips

You can upload historical payslips at any time, for example, if an employee requests a copy of their payslip from an earlier processing period. Or, you may have forgot to upload payslips for your current period. 

Customise Sage HR Online Services to your company

Want Sage HR to fit your brand? Add your company logo to make it your own.

Allow leaving employees access to payslips after they have left

You can allow leavers to still have access to their payslips even after they have been terminated in Sage HR Online Services.

Add another administrator

As an administrator you can assign another employee to have administrator access too in Sage HR Online Services.

Rehire a leaver

What you need to do if you need to rehire a leaver, and the employee has had a profile in Sage HR Online Services before.

Employee Guide

We have a guide for your employee's too, which we recommend you make your employee's aware of. Send it to them and recommend they bookmark it for quick access.

Check your Sage HR Online Services version

We are in the process of gradually updating all of our customers' Sage HR Online Services to a new version. Some customers will be on Version 1, others will be on Version 2. If you are unsure of what version you are using

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common questions we get asked by employers using Sage HR Online Services.

Sage Webinar

Register for a free, live webinar to help you with setting up and using Sage HR Online Services.

Using the Sage HR modules

If you need further information, you can get it from the Sage HR by Sage knowledgebase, it has everything you need!

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