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Upload historical payslips - Sage HR Online Services

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This guide gives details on how to upload historical payslips from Sage 50cloud Payroll to Sage HR Online Services.


You can upload historical payslips at any time, dating back to November 2014. Uploading historical payslips is useful, for example, if an employee requests a copy of their payslip from an earlier processing period or if you've forgotten to upload payslips for your current period.

We'll show you how you do this in the steps below.


CAUTION: If you are setting up Sage HR Online Services for the first time, we strongly recommend that you customise your employee permissions in Sage HR Online Services before uploading historical payslips - Read more >

  1. Log in to Sage 50cloud Payroll, click Company.
  2. In the Task menu, click Online Services Settings.

    NOTE: If it says Online Document Settings you are using Sage Employee Online Services and must follow the steps in our alternative guide.

  3. Make sure you are signed in to Online Services Settings. It should say next to Step 1 whether you're currently logged in.


    If you're not, click Log In then enter your Sage account details.

  4. Next to Step 5: Upload historical Payslips within Online Services Settings, click Do it now.


  5. Select the date range you want to upload payslips from.
  6. Click Next and select the relevant employees.
  7. Click Next and confirm the number of payslips for each employee.

    TIP: Employees get a notification for every payslip. If they have lots of historical payslips and you want to avoid them getting multiple email notifications at once, upload just one historical payslip to create their new profile, switch off their email notifications, upload their remianing payslips, then turn their email notifications back on.

  8. Click Publish Payslips.

    Payslips publish immediately, there's no option to schedule them at a later date.

  9. Once the payslips are published sucessfully, you can click Access Online Services.
  10. Enter your email address and click CONTINUE TO SIGN IN.

FAQs about uploading payslips

If you need some clarification about the steps above, check out some answers to common questions asked about uploading payslips - 


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