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Applying Sage 200 CRM R1.1 patch when using a customised logon screen

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When applying the Sage 200 CRM R1.1 patch, if you use a customised logon screen, you will lose the customisation.


As a workaround:

  1. Before applying the Sage 200 CRM 2020 R1.1, take a copy of the following directory:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\<CRMInstall>\WWWRoot\Img\Logon
  2. Apply the patch as per the usual.
  3. Replace the Logon folder with the one you copied in step 1.

    NOTE: ONLY the Logon folder should be replaced.

  4. If you have already applied the patch then you can either restore the Logon folder from a backup prior to the patch being taken, or reapply your customisations to the Logon screen.