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Working from home with Sage CRM (inc Sage 200 CRM)

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If you are using Sage (200) CRM and need to work from home, below are some recommendations to help you use your Sage software most effectively.


NOTE: If you are using the Sage 200 Professional software and not Sage CRM or Sage 200 CRM, please see this link.

Remote access

If you need to work from home we'd highly recommend remotely accessing Sage (200) CRM using a remote desktop connection as this doesn't require exposing your site externally and your current infrastructure may already support this. This gives you full access to all your software and data. For help with this, please contact your local IT support.


No remote access

Sage (200) CRM is served using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). As with many application using Microsoft IIS, it is possible to externally expose your Sage 200 CRM or Sage CRM websites. If you wish to access your Sage (200) CRM site outside of your local network you can expose the CRM site to allow for external access. You must, however, ensure you have taken all necessary precautions to protect your customer's data. If you require assistance configuring your site for external access please speak to your business partner.

Sage do not offer support with the configuration of your environment. If an issue is encountered when the site is being accessed outside the local network, you must confirm the issue also replicates in the local environment prior to raising a support request.



Benefits for your employees
We want to help your business where we can. That's why we're offering Sage Employee Benefits for free to Sage customers for the first three months.

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