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How to Install Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education

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This article details how to download and install Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education.


When you buy Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education your site is set up within our online ordering system, Sage Provisioning Portal.

This information is an excerpt from the in-product helpfiles which can be accessed here.

Sign in to Sage Provisioning Portal to:

  • Download and install the Sage 200 App.
  • Get the link to access the Sage 200 Web Client, to use workspaces and reports in a web browser.

Prerequisites and further considerations

Before installing the software we advise you consult the system requirements information located here.


Download and install Sage 200
  1. Open Sage Provisioning Portal and sign in.
  2. Select Dashboards > Site Dashboard.
  3. Select the site Name to display the site details.
  4. In the site Clients details, select the Sage 200 App link to download Sage 200.

    • You can only download software from the link provided when the site Status is Ready.
    • Depending on the browser you are using, you can either run the installer straight away, or save it and open it from your downloads folder.
  5. When you run the installer, click Install.

The Sage 200 application is installed using ClickOnce, and installed to your AppData\Local\Apps folder. To find the installation folder, choose Tools > About Sage 200, click System Information, then check the Client Program Directory on the General tab.

Open the Sage 200 web app

If you are a Sage 200 Web User, you can use the web app to access workspaces and reports in a browser.

  • Open the web app, Sage Provisioning Portal from a browser and logon to your site.
  • In the Clients section, click the Sage 200 Web Client link.

  • Copy the link and use it when you need to sign in to the web app. Share the link with anyone else that will use the web app.
  • Open the web app from the Sage 200 desktop:

    Open: Tools > Show Workspaces in Browser.

Once you have opened the web app:

  1. Sign in to the web app using your Sage ID credentials. These are the same details you use for Sage Provisioning Portal and for the Sage 200 desktop app.
  2. If you have more than one company for your site, select the Company.

 To use the web app, you must be assigned as a Web User in User Access. See Assign feature access to users.