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Business Partner / Developer - Sage 200 Terms and Conditions Update

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This communication was issue 09 March 2020.


Terms and Conditions Update

Notice 20-M | 09 March 2020



Dear Partner / Developer,

From March 2020 we will be updating our Sage 200 product terms. We are specifically updating references in connection to the following:

  • Banking services
  • Obligations to provide information
  • Data retention period

Where can I see the terms?

Sage 200 Product terms are available on the relevant legal pages : UK l IRL

Global Bank Feeds terms are available here.

How will this impact you?

on 16 March 2020 we'll be adding this as a message to versions with the product Launchpad capability.

For all customers on versions without this capability, we'd ask that you share this information with them.

If you have any questions please speak to your account manager.

Kind regards

Sage 200 Product & Services Team