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Process year end - checklist

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This article contains a step-by-step checklist for processing year end in Sage Instant Payroll.


1. Back up your Sage Instant Payroll data:

  • Click Tools then click Backup and follow the steps in the Backup Wizard.


2. End of year reports:

This step isn't mandatory, however we recommend you print all four reports for your records.

  • Click End of year reports then click Deductions Working Sheet P11 (PAYE).
  • Click Print Report, then check your printer settings then click OK.
  • Click Close Reports.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other reports.
  • Click Close Year End Reports.


3. End of year submission:

  • Set your pay date to 5 April 2021.
  • Click End of year submission then click Continue.
  • Check your company details, then click Submit.
  • Check the information is correct, then click Submit.
  • Once the submission is successfully sent, click the link provided then click Print.
  • Click Close.


4. P60 and Archive:

All employees still employed by you on 5 April 2021 must be provided with a copy of their P60 by 31 May 2021.

  • Click P60 and Archive, then click P60 End of Year Summary.
  • Click the relevant layout, then click Preview Report.
  • Click Print Report, then check your printer settings.
  • Click OK then click Close Reports.
  • To archive, click Browse then browse to where you want to save the reports.
  • Click OK then click Archive.
  • Click Close P60 and Archive Reports.


5. Complete year end process:

  • Click Complete year end process.
  • Click Complete the Year End process.
  • Click Yes then click Print Summary.
  • Click Continue then click Close Year End.



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