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Import journals

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How to import journals into Sage 50 Accounts.


To save time, instead of entering journals manually, you can save journal postings as a csv or Excel file and import them into your accounts.


Create the import spreadsheet

  1. In Sage Accounts, click Help, then About.
  2. Under Program Details, click Program Directory, then open Import Templates.
  3. Double-click Audit Trail Transaction Full template.xls .
  4. Enter the following:
    • Type - Enter either JD (journal debit) or JC (journal credit)
    • Account reference - Leave this blank
    • Nominal A/C Ref - Enter the nominal code
    • Date - Enter the journal date. This must be the same for each line of your journal
    • Net Amount - Enter the amount you want to credit/debit the nominal
    • Tax code - Enter the required tax code, normally T9
    • Tax amount - Enter 0.00
      NOTE: If tax is included in the transactions you're importing, you'll need to post separate journals to the Sales or Purchase tax control accounts. 
  5. Repeat step 4 for each journal line. Once complete, check that the debit and credit values balance.
  6. Click Save, and either save as a CSV or XLS file.
 TIP: when importing journal transactions from the Audit Trail, Cost Codes and Project References cannot be imported.

Import the journal into Sage 50 Accounts

  1. Ensure nobody is working in the company you're importing into.
  2. Click File then click Import.
  3. To back up click Backup and follow the prompts.
  4. Click Next, click Audit Trail Transactions and click Next.
  5. Select either Comma-separated or Excel worksheet.
  6. Click Browse and browse to your import file and click Open.
  7. Click Next, click Next and click Import.

The Import results window advises if your import was successful. If you have any errors, please refer to our Import errors guide.

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