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Sage CRM - 2020 R1 Product Release

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The following communication was sent on 6th February 2020.


Sage CRM 2020 R1

Notice 20-C | 6 February 2020


We're delighted to announce the release of the latest version of Sage CRM - 2020 R1.

What's new?

Full details of the fixes and enhancements can be found in the release notes available from the Help Centre, they include:

  • Document Drop - Now available in all browsers. We have refactored the feature to remove the ActiveX dependency and make the feature JavaScript-based
  • MailChimp - Automatic detection of duplicate email addresses. To ensure that a Person, Company, or Lead record being added to the system has a unique email address, system administrators can now use a new Detect duplicate emails option
  • Outlook plugins - We have removed ActiveX as a dependency for the installation of the Lite and Classic Outlook plugins. This enables users to download and install the Outlook plugins in any web browser supported by Sage CRM. The Outlook plugins are now deployed using Windows Installer (.msi) files
  • Support for new software - You can use Sage CRM on mobile devices running iOS 13, Android 10 and 9. You also can now install and use Sage CRM on an AWS EC2 instance

Where do I get the download?

You can download the software here.

Questions or need help?

As with all releases, Technical Support is available subject to our usual terms and conditions. Further details are available in our Business Partner Handbook.

You can find the answers to common questions online:


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