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Sage 200 - Sage Bank feeds migration new feed available

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Information around the new bank feeds service and the migration process for the Sage 200 software.


We wrote to you last year to discuss the upcoming changes to Sage Bank feeds and Open Banking, a copy of that communication can be found here.

Since that communication we have been working hard to ensure more indirect Yodlee feeds have a migration route available.


How can I tell if my bank is affected?

We have set a flag on any banks which require action and an in product message will appear to guide the customer through the process.


Switch to Open Banking

TIP: If you choose "I'll do it later", you will be able to complete the process at a later date. The software will continue to remind you at 24 hour intervals until the process is complete.




You have now successfully migrated your Bank feed service.

TIP: When you have migrated to your new Open Banking connection, if you have previously used Bank Feeds rules they will have to be set up again. To set up the rules follow the steps in our help files.