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Communication - Case (Incident) Management Changes

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This communication was sent 14 January 2020.

Case (Incident) Management Changes

Notice 20-A | 14 January 2020


From Wednesday 15 January 2020 Sage will be moving to a new internal CRM system.

Coinciding with this change and from listening to feedback we've also made changes to the current Incident Management system.

Creating a case will now be easier and simpler.

Access to Case Management can be found at and we recommend you bookmark the new URL.

What's changing?

  • 'Incident Management' is now 'Case Management'
  • Now only 2 tabs - 'My Cases' and 'Add new Case'
  • 'Search' and 'Outstanding' tabs have been removed
  • Registration is now changed to 'Product' and 'Sub-product'
  • Severity is now 'Priority' - 1 to 5 changed to 'Low', 'Medium', 'High' , 'Critical'
  • Business Impact Scope - 1 drop down with options for 'A Few People', 'Everyone', 'Only Me'
  • Business Impact - Add in-depth details of how this problem is affecting the business
  • Summary and Details now called 'Subject', 'Description'
  • You will not be able to update or re-open any old cases raised via 'Incident Management' but still have the ability of checking the archive
  • Your current outstanding cases from 'Incident Management' will be migrated to 'Case Management'

The Business PartnerDeveloperSage X3 and Coretime Handbooks have been updated and any related Ask Sage articles will be amended in due course.