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Sage 200 – Which version of Microsoft 365 is compatible for use with the Sage 200 API and how to check before onboarding

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This article details which versions of Microsoft 365 are required to set up the Sage 200 API


You must check and complete the steps in this article first before contacting Sage to add an Microsoft 365 subscription to your account.
Once you have confirmed you are subscribing to the supported license types, you will need to get in touch with Sage to arrange a license to be added to your account to complete the onboarding process:

  1. Sage 200 Standard / Education customers, call technical support on 0191 479 5955.
  2. Sage 200 Professional customers, contact your Business Partner.
  3. Business Partner – speak to your account manager or Business Partner Sales on 0191 479 5933.

The steps to onboard your licence and connect your Microsoft 365 account to Sage 200 Standard can be found in our help files.

The steps to onboard your licence and use the Native API tunnel can be found in the following article for Sage 200 Professional.


TIP: If you have access to the administrator logins for Microsoft 365 you can use the following link to check which license you currently have available and then check if this is compatible for onboarding with Sage 200.

In order to connect your existing Microsoft 365 license with your Sage 200 registration, you must subscribe to one of the following Microsoft 365 subscriptions:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formally Microsoft 365Business Premium)
  • Microsoft 365 E1 (Microsoft no longer sell this subscription)
  • Microsoft 365 E3 (formally Office 365 Enterprise 3)
  • Microsoft 365 E5 (formally Office 365 Enterprise 5)
  • Microsoft 365 A1 (faculty and student)
  • Microsoft 365 A3 (faculty and student)
  • Microsoft 365 A5 (faculty and student)

You must also have an active subscription for Azure Active Directory Premium P1/Premium P2 on your license.


To check your license, please use the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using the Global Administrator email address & password


    NOTE: This is how the email address will look if does not have own custom domain.

  3. Enter the Admin portal, clicking on the black Admin icon.

  4. When accessing the admin center, check to see if the "new admin center" toggle is switched on. This is located on the right hand side of the screen when you log in. This can be turned off by clicking on the toggle.

If the new admin center is active.
  1. Go to Billing, Products & Services

  2. This will list your active subscriptions with Microsoft


  3. Billing, Licenses will also display your entitlements

If the new admin center isn't active
  1. On the left hand side, go to Billing, Subscriptions to see active subscriptions



    In here, this will tell you the exact license for Microsoft 365as well as Azure Active Directory.

  2. This can also be checked in Billing, Licenses

How to check the correct licenses are associated with your account

While in the Microsoft 365Admin center, use the following steps to check your licenses are correctly associated with your account:

If the new admin center is switched on
  1. Go to Users, Active Users on the left hand side.


  2. On this screen, you can see your licenses associated with your username.


    NOTE: Note: To add one of the pre-requisite licenses to your account, click in the tick box next to your user and select 'Manage product licenses’. Place a tick in the box for the license type you require.

If the new admin center isn’t active
  1. Go to Users, Active users on the right hand side.

  2. You will then see your display name & username in this list.


  3. To see the licenses associated with your username, click on your display name and a menu appears on the right hand side. Under ‘Product Licenses’ you will see the list of licenses you have an entitlement to use.


NOTE: If you need to add one of the pre-requisite licenses to your account, click on edit and then toggle the license you need to show as “on”.




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