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Sage 200 - Customer Registration Information & End of Support Policy Update

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This communication was issued on 01 October 2019.

Customer Registration Information & End of Support Policy Update

Notice 19-BA | 01 October 2019


Ensuring our customer records are accurate is essential in providing the right level of service information to our partners & customers.

To support this, the following applies with immediate effect:

Once you've notified us to upgrade a customer to the latest version*, to support the upgrade we will provide a one off 3 month key (where necessary) for the previous version. In all cases a Test & Recovery licence will need to be in place prior to the version being modified and the prior version key being issued.

For customers registered as having a new version, but prior version keys have been issued for more than 3 months since version change:

  • All partners need to get in contact with us by 31 October 2019 to advise us which version the customer should be using, you can do this by notifying [email protected].
  • If you wish to check which customers are impacted, please speak to your account manager.
  • If we don't hear from you by this date, registered versions will be reverted to the version that matches the latest key we have manually generated.
  • In the case of a customer with a 2013+ version, where a 2011 or prior key has been issued - when the version is changed to the earlier version, any installs of the newer version will no longer be licenced through our licence service and will cease to work.

Our End of Support policy is changing, details of the policy can be found here.

  • Currently once a product enters end of support status, the ability to buy modules is removed but users sales can still be processed.
  • With immediate effect once a version has been in an end of support status for 12 months, the ability to buy users is also removed. Should there be a need to buy a module or user, a customer should be upgraded to the latest version.

* When upgrading a customer, they should always be upgraded to the latest version to ensure they get the most from their software subscription. In circumstances where a version has been launched within the last 90 days, then the upgrade can be for the prior release.