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Print an MTD VAT Return submission confirmation

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After you submit your Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT Return from within Sage 50cloud Accounts, or from the Sage MTD Submissions module, you can print a submission confirmation if required.


Sage 50cloud Accounts
  1. On the navigation bar click VAT, then double-click the relevant VAT Return.
  2. In the Complete VAT Return window, click Submission confirmation.
  3. If required, to print the confirmation report click Print.
  4. Click Close, then click Close.


Sage MTD Submissions module
  1. Press the Windows key + R, enter %localappdata% then click OK.
  2. Browse to ...\Sage\SageMTDBridge\Submissions.
  3. Double-click the folder for the relevant VAT Registration number.
  4. Double-click the folder for the month your VAT submission was up to.

    For example, if your submission was for April to June 2019, double-click the 201906 folder.

  5. Right-click the file that ends with Successful Response.xml, click Open with then click Notepad.

    In here you can find your successful submission details, including the correlation id.

  6. If required, to print the confirmation report click File then click Print.


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