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Sage 200 Communication - Business Partner Terms and Extra Online Rate Changes

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This communication was issued 2nd April 2019.

Business Partner Terms and Extra Online Rate Changes

Notice 19S | 02 April 2019


Partner terms update

The Sage Business Partner Product Terms have been updated for Sage 200.

To access them please go to

It is important that you review these terms, as they come into effect immediately.

Product usage changes

The Staging rate plan within Sage Provisioning Portal is to support Business Partners on boarding customers to the Sage 200 Extra Online product, supporting the setup with minimal initial cost.

Customer sites have been left on Staging rate plans beyond what is an acceptable implementation time.

We’re introducing a maximum amount of time that a site can be on a Staging rate plan. Once this maximum time has been reached the site will automatically be switched to an appropriate rate plan.

Further information is available here.

Our partner terms & articles are reviewed and updated regularly, so please make sure you bookmark and review them.