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Security Access for the MTD Module

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To ensure the MTD module can communicate with Sage and the HMRC you need to ensure your proxy settings and ports are available.


NOTE: If you are unsure how to check or change your proxy settings, please speak to your IT professional

We have seen on some sites that the MTD module is unable to communicate with our servers. Ensure port 443 is open and allow permissions for the following sites if you encounter a problem when registering or submitting a VAT return to HMRC when using the MTD module:

NOTE: Some restricted sites may need to allow access to the following URL

TIP: HMRC reserves the right to remove, amend or add URLs as the service evolves. We will update this list when we receive the required information.

If your firewall denies access to secure websites, it will not be able to validate the security certificate being used.

When you are trying to submit your VAT Return, if you do not give allowance of the above URLs through your firewall security, an example error message is:

An error occurred while sending the request, The underlying connection was closed: could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure



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