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Sage 200 - Important Reminder - Waste Call Metrics

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The following communication was issued 13th March 2019.

Notice - 19N | 13 March 2019


In accordance with the communication on 05 December 2018, we use housekeeping comments to monitor waste calls, from Quarter 2 FY19 we are placing a target on the percentage of waste calls generated.

The target for Quarter 2 is for waste calls to make up no more than 20% of your total contacts with Sage, this target will be gradually reduced going forward. For further information on waste calls and housekeeping comments can be found here.

The term waste calls also covers incidents raised through the Incident Management system. With immediate effect tickets raised through Incident Management which do not contain an adequate level of information will be closed and any further contact will need to be logged via a new ticket.

The Business Partner Checklist is a quick reference guide, linking to our self-service offerings and troubleshooting aids including flowcharts and step by step guides.

We will be reaching out to partners who generated more than 20% waste calls in Q1, if you do not receive a separate email from us it is still recommended that you review the material available and ensure that your support staff are complying with our expectations.

Digital material is available to assist with your support incidents - for further details about this and our suggested approach see here.

If you wish to discuss your performance against these measures please contact your Account Manager.

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